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There Is Something YOU CAN DO About Osteoporosis. Did you know that one out of four women over the age of 45, and nine out of ten women over 75 have osteoporosis? Did you know that of the 28 million people that have this potentially crippling condition, six million are men?

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      Osteoporosis is a thinning and weakening of the bones which can lead to pain and fractures. Bone density peaks at about 30 years of age and then begins a slow and gradual degeneration, which is part of the natural aging process. RSVP Bone Builders exercise class can help you prevent or slow the osteoporosis process. There is no jumping around or Lycra required! RSVP Bone Builders is a twelve week class that meets twice a week for about one hour. Using professionally designed exercises, the class is led by trained volunteers. It is a no impact, weight training class using hand weights provided in one pound increments. You will start slow and go at your own pace, increasing the weights you use on your ankles and in your hands. The program is fun as well as good for you (sssshhhh, don't tell any one that part!) While there is no fee, $1 donation per week is requested, (but no one is turned away.) You will laugh, meet old friends and make new ones, strengthening your bones at the same time.

      Currently, we have RSVP Bone Builders classes in the following New Hampshire towns: Bethlehem, Canaan, Charlestown, Claremont, Cornish, Lincoln, Littleton, Monroe, North Haverhill, Orford, Plainfield, and Plymouth. For class times and quotes from class leaders, see our Class Directory. If you are interested in observing or attending one of these classes, or starting a class in your area, please give Teresa Volta a call: toll free 1-877-711-7787.

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