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The enthusiastic group of RSVP Bone Builders, (see below,) at Horse Meadow Senior Center in North Haverhill, New Hampshire came up with this song, which they sing, marching to the tune of "Jingle Bells"

Bone Builders, Bone Builders

We are here to stay!

Doing our best

Without much rest

To keep old age at bay!



Up, 2-3-4, Down, 2-3-4,

We exercise our core

We'll keep on moving

Two times a week

And then come back for more!

Haverhill RSVP Bone Builders Class: Haverhill RSVP Bone Builders class at Horse Meadow Senior Center.

Trained RSVP Bone Builders class leaders and volunteers, Bertha Farnham and Doris Martell, at Horse Meadow Senior Center.

(Updated 11/11/2010)

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