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In Her Own Words: Judy Rook


"There's nothing you can do about grower older," says Judy Rook of Cornish. "There's a lot of things you can do about getting old, and RSVP Bone Builders is one of them."

Judy leads the Bone Builders classes at Cornish Town Hall twice weekly and is a passionate advocate of the program. "I'm leading the class because it's very rewarding and it forces me to do it twice a week," she says.

Judy, who grew up in Cornish, worked in the pathology department at Darthmouth Hitchcock Medical Center for 21 years and retired in 1998.

She became an exercise class leader when RSVP & The Volunteer Center put the word out they were looking for people to take the leadership training, which she attended with Master Trainer, Pat Facey, in Lyme.

"It doesn't matter whether you have disabilities, osteoarthritis or something else." She says, "That's what it's designed for. The exercises can't hurt you if you're doing them right." She says the training emphasizes the slow speed and counting that characterizes the routines.

Fifteen people are enrolled in the Cornish class. Two to five or six attend depending on the weather and their mood. "Sometimes they just don't want to put out the effort," she says. But the oldest person in her class just turned 96 and she's there twice a week faithfully.

"I'm very thankful to RSVP for it. They're very helpful. If I miss a whole week, I feel the difference."

A person who has a pursued a very active lifestyle, hiking, snowshoing and gardening, she hasn't let challenges set her back. She has had two hip replacements. She says she recuperated fast.

"I didn't sit and wait for it to heal, I didn't use crutches or a walker. The important thing to do is keep moving."

Judy's been an active volunteer over the years through her involvement with the Recycle Center, secretary of the Cornish Historical Society, plus she active fireman for about 5 year! When she's not volunteering, she's busy with family - four children, and six grandchildren; plus her sister Carol, who is an RSVP Bone Builders leader in Claremont! And when Judy's not busy with family, she's painting or quilting!

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