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From 2009 RSVP Bone Builders Survey (Grafton & Sullivan Counties in New Hampshire)

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  • Comments about what folks like the least and the most about the classes.
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    Please give examples of any changes in your daily activities both at home and in the community since you began the RSVP Bone Builders. Are there activities you™≠ve had to give up? Are there things you can do now that you weren™≠t able to do before? I find I have better range of arms than before.

    I enjoy Bone Builders and feel without it I wouldn™≠t be able to do all that I can and still feel as good as I do.

    I continue to keep very active both indoors and outside when doing yard work.

    At 83 I am able to continue the same amount of outside work as of 75.

    More energy. (x2)

    I am very active so no real change.

    At first I hurt a lot, but don™≠t anymore.

    Many due to knee surgery.

    Because of a stroke I have to rebuild many of my muscles so can™≠t compare with the start.

    I know this program has helped to keep me fit and able to move.

    I haven™≠t had to give up any activities.

    I use to stay home a lot. Now quite active. Walk longer, strength in arms and knees, wrists a lot stronger, eliminated most / some pains in shoulders. Less cramps. Feel more alive.

    I walk upstairs easier.

    Able to balance better, walk more, get up & down easily, off the toilet easier.

    I am more aware of calcium rich foods. My overall balance has improved.

    Yes. I go to an in-door swimming pool for exercises.

    I feel better at doing any physical work.

    I find I have greater upper body strength.

    I feel stronger and have more energy.

    No changes in activities ™ã but have developed many new friends.

    No changes in activities. More strength, and decrease (significant) in night time (and day) leg cramps.

    May walk a little better + do the stairs better.

    It™≠s easier to get out of the bathtub.

    No changes in activities, just feel better, more toned.

    For a time I had tendonitis & had to reduce weight. Get up from a chair more easily.

    I™≠ve always been an avid exerciser. But I am sure the bone building is keeping my inner body healthier. It does give me more energy.

    I have fibromyalgia and couldn™≠t reach over my head or put on my coat and had a lot of arm pain. It is much better now.

    In general, it™≠s just easier to do some things.

    Stairs are less bothersome. It™≠s easier to do activities (chores.)

    My balance is better! I don™≠t have to sit down to dry my toes after my shower each morning!

    Weather permitting, I can walk. Osteoarthritis & diabetic neuropathy do not help. I only had to give up walking in the winter.

    I am 69 years old and only been going to Bone Builders for a few months and I have so much more energy. I also walk 4 miles a day.

    More flexibility in my legs and back.

    Activities remain the same. Walking whenever possible, taking exercise programs ™ã daily when possible. Activities with Granddaughter.

    My knees are stronger, less pain. Shoulders are more moveable.

    I™≠ve joined this group as a prevention of physical problems. I™≠m very pleased. I think I feel stronger.

    These exercises are very good for you. My neck is easier to move and it moves further.

    I™≠m walking more. I started this class after bi-lateral knee replacements.

    Improvements: climbing stairs, balance, breathing, less leg cramps, flexibility.

    Get down on my hands + knees ™ã get up easier.

    Gave up chair stands.

    Walk more often.

    No, I am active. Walk, do housework. That™≠s my usual routine + do it well with B.B.

    I have low back problem + bone Builders has help strengthen it + my balance has improved 100%.

    I work out on a walking aerobic program daily which I was not motivated to do before Bone Builders.

    I have been able to maintain.

    Easier to reach high shelves.

    I™≠m very, very busy helping others, funeral receptions, Sr. Ctr. Board, church functions, lay speaking.

    Able to reach my top cabinets. Can reach down + tie my shoes. Have much more flexibility + walking.

    No changes in activities. Believe I show some improvement.

    Life is more rushed because of having to be at the group 8:30 a.m. 2 mornings a week. But I like the exhilaration.

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