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From the 2009 RSVP Bone Builders Survey (Grafton & Sullivan Counties in New Hampshire

Do you have a story you want to share related to your participation in RSVP Bone Builders?

I go to Sarasota for 3 1/2 months and continue using weights by myself as there isn't a group there.

My back used to go out, quite often but for about two years now, it hasn't happened.

Through Bone Builders we've met so many people in our town and neighboring areas we would never have met otherwise.

Only that we seem to have bonded with a wonderful group of people who share more than just the interest in the class.

Lifting weights has toned up my body & makes it easier to maintain a desirable weight.

Had the beginnings of osteoporosis when I started; now bone density test is normal.

They are a very good group.

After open heart surgery and stroke, the group welcome me back and cheer my smallest victory, it encourages me to work harder.

Makes me feel better: we have a good time together.

I'm so glad our class is available. Have made some wonderful friends.

When I fell I hit my head he doc said if I hadn't been doing Bone Builders, and Matter of Balance, I wouldn't be here.

RE: substitute leaders: Several members of our group assume the duty of leading through the exercises when our regular leaders are absent. Their tendency is to move rather jerkily through, particularly, upper body stretches like the head / neck turns (up, down, right, left). So instead of gradually limbering up and stretching muscles at each move, leaders often encourage rapid / jerky movements, with little benefit, and bad habits and maybe some damage. Just as we recommend slow movements during the weight lifting exercises, I believe upper body stretches should be slow, not jerky. Bone building occurs, I believe, through enhancement of the blood flow through gradual stretching of muscles and tendons. I'm 85.

I have watched ladies that came with a lot of problems such as getting out of chairs without using their hands to push up. They can now do this without hands. Also ladies who needed canes for balance that no longer use a cane.

Would certainly recommend it - great socialization and it does some good healthwise.

I've enjoyed the group and admired some coping skills shown.

After knee surgery, I did Bone Builders vs rehab (in the traditional way) & found improvement to be quicker & better.

It is a good group and we enjoy doing the exercises together.

Only the benefits I have seen in some of my class members.

It has made a big difference in how I feel and how I move.

I remember an older person in our class who was on a walker. After some time in class, she no longer needed the walker.

Reduction in occurrence of muscle cramps in legs since doing Bone Builders.

The neck exercise has helped me almost immediately, now when I drive I can turn my head more easily!

I only started this class a short while ago. I wouldn¢â¡Át think of stopping.

I LOVE Bone Builders but only am in the area for a few months at a time.

Our particular group or class are in their 70s to 90s. I am 83. Am amazed at what this class does!! Very active.

Friendly folks - happy, and kind.

Just that I look forward to Bone Builders each week, as I feel so much better after each class + also the information that I get from each class.

I have been diagnosed with degenerative joint + disk disease. DID. I was looking at a life of pain and progressive loss of movement and increased dependence on others. But thanks to God Almighty and the Bone Builders program I am moving almost as well as I did in my forties without medications or ANSAIDS.

I have met so many wonderful girls in our class + we have a great time, also encourage each other. Look forward to our exercise classes because I know by now how important they are.

Last time I was at a doctor appointment she was writing on a piece of paper what activities I did during the day and what vitamins I took. I asked her why and she said, "I look at you at your age and I want to be like that at that age." What a compliment. I love Bone Builders!

I came home from Rehab [for broken hip] in nine days instead of 14 days, my bones were strong from having Bone Builders.

I do not use weights due to back problems + despite that fact my bone density has improved.

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