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From the RSVP Bone Builders 2009 Survey of Class Participants (Grafton & Sullivan Counties in New Hampshire)

  • Narrative Summary
  • Observations about changes they've seen or experienced because of the class.
  • General Comments
  • What do you "like most" about the class? (page down)
  • What do you "like least" about the class? (right below)

    What do you "like least" about the class?

    We used to talk and laugh but now it's super serious and not as much fun, but still like doing it!

    Not serious enough.

    Hate stopping for 10 min water break. I think we should bring water bottles.

    Classmates were not that friendly to me. People carrying on conversations during class time.

    Some of the exercises seem to be of little benefit.

    A couple of the exercises are hard for me even after 3 years.

    Overhead arm lift.

    Irregular attendance.

    No complaints. (two answers.)

    Nothing. (thirteen responses.)

    Class goes by too fast.

    Not being able to get new exercises that work.

    Poor example of substitute leaders.

    Wish there were more sessions as one session is during a workday.

    Doing the same thing over & over with no variation.

    Nothing really - hard to be motivated to go but I'm always glad when I do!

    Our class is a group of very special ladies. I would miss the camaraderie if I wasn't part of it.

    Early hour.

    Nothing. Class very well conducted.

    Forcing myself to get to the class.

    Overhead arm lift very hard to do - right arm can't do at all.


    I enjoy everything about the class!

    Getting up and getting there.

    That is is only 2x/week.

    The hour. I would like to start at 8:30 not 9:30.

    The class itself is good. As a leader of the class I do not feel I had adequate help getting started. I am looking forward to more help and training on May 1st.

    Having to leave twice a week to drive to class - I'll be 89 in May.

    Sometimes crowded conditions.

    We only have classes 2 days a week. Three days would be better.

    There is nothing I don't like.

    Could do with more room.

    Having to hurry to make way for 2nd class.

    The space for each participant.

    Everything is great. Can't think of anything I don't like about the class.

    I do not dislike any of it!

    There isn't any.

    In a very noisy room - because I am deaf I have a very hard time hearing the instructions, etc.

    What do you "like most" about the class?

    Doing the body building with a group, much easier than doing it alone.

    It's great to exercise with friends.

    The camaraderie. We˙≠ve met so many wonderful people plus feeling stronger in every way.

    Fun with classmates, and exercises. Feel better after class warm up and cool downs.

    Gives me reason to get up and out of the house with all the old girls. We have fun. I love it. I feel good after.

    Sociability and also working in a group as compared to doing exercises at home alone.

    When I'm on the last exercise.

    I had the beginnings of osteoporosis - recent bone density test showed normal. The Bone Builders class definitely helped.

    Very relaxed. Done at a good pace.

    Moving with others. Laughing at our own clumsiness.

    The care our instructor gives us.

    Everyone friendly and care about each other.

    Everything. (x2)

    It's very helpful exercise. Have lots of aches and pains and it makes so much difference stronger.


    The friendship.

    People. Fun.

    The class leaders made it fun and interesting. They started on time. They offered suggestions to improve in an appropriate way.

    Competent leaders & the fun atmosphere created & encouraged.

    Individual attention to do exercises beneficially.

    It energizes you to keep moving and at 84 that's hard! It's a great group.

    It's fun and it works!

    Everyone gets along so well and can joke while we exercise, and how far we have come with our exercises.

    The good results. The camaraderie. The gentle exercises.

    The instructors, the camaraderie, the satisfaction of doing the class.

    I like (instructor's name) class best because they mix things up. Never boring. Lots of fun, excellent work-out.

    Friendly people. (x2)

    The people & the social environment, the leaders.

    Gets me out of the house - doing this with all the class is great.

    The encouraging attitude of leaders and members.


    Talking with other people.

    The exercises have helped me maintain & / or improve my strength!

    Doing the exercises with others.

    Knowing I'm improving my health + the friendships that have formed.

    It has helped my ability to move my arm up over my head. Was told after surgery ten years ago would never get it over my head or behind my back - I have been in this class 1 1/2 years - can now get my arm over my head. Thank you!

    The feeling of more strength and balance and doing something for osteoporosis.

    Leader is very good and explain the reasons behind the exercises.

    It has been very beneficial to all participants in my class as well as for myself.

    The exercise with others - peps me up!

    The chance to do exercises in a group.

    It's a good group that encourages and helps each other.

    The easy camaraderie of the group!

    The leader of the class. The way I feel when I finish class and afterwards. The physical changes in my body. I'm happy also.

    The activities which focus on body strength and movement.

    Class leader's knowledge, useful info, socializing, friendliness of the group.

    (name) - the class leader - cares so much about each and everyone of us doing the exercises well so we will get the maximum benefit. She adjusts exercises too, for people with handicaps. (class leader) is the best exercise leader I've ever come across.

    The people! Sometimes the short stories they tell, or the fun teasing about the movements, lots of laughter! The great teacher.

    Our leader (name) is professional and careful. Her knowledge is great!

    Friendly & fun. Good for my health.

    More agility. Friendships.

    Like a family away from home. Sharing, caring, socializing.

    Good group of ladies. Friendly ladies. Excellent leadership.

    Makes me feel better to exercise.

    It gave me inspiration to keep going with the exercises ˙ã to be with others.

    The instructors are great! And being with such wonderful people every Mon + Wed has made my life both rewarding + especially more healthy!!

    The fact I am doing an activity to improve my health + flexibility. The socialization aspect also.

    Group support. Knowing I'm taking care of myself!

    Making a person feel better + stronger.

    The exercises are helping my bones. Our instructors are great + also like the closeness of the group.

    The instructors and the friendliness of the group - and feeling better after exercising.

    Our trainers are excellent + also friendly class, which makes me want to go each week. I feel much better after the balance + coordination class. Things are easy to do now, like reaching, balance and most important my posture is better.

    Friendly, helpful.

    The friendly instructors and participants.

    The leadership. The camaraderie. The feeling good physically, mentally.

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